Welcome ^^

This is my first blog ” Faith Love Yuchun (F.L.Y.)”,dedicated to TVXQ! , especially my No.1 Love ~ Micky Park Yuchun

Together with my friends , who also adore our dearest boys, we are here to share anything we know about them. We may not be the most updated site but we’ll try to share whatever information we find for everyone.

Do give us your fullest support and let’s help spread the Dong Bang love around!!!^^

From the Admins

We love to share photos/pictures, but if you want to share them at your own site, please save , rename, and upload them to your own hosting site. Hotlink photos kills bandwidth.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work so please take a step more to credit the original source if you are re-posting anything from this site to elsewhere. Thank you ^^

and you can leave us comments! We love reading comments xD even a “thank you” is good you know~^^
at least we know someone is reading and appreciates the effort especially since this is a new site.
also when you take the zip files too, just a thank you is enough


12 Responses to “”

  1. Christine Says:

    hey hey 😀
    supporting ur blog and the boys!!!!
    dbsk & cassies hwaiting!!!!!

  2. air Says:

    supporting ur blog.Junsu is so cute.

  3. Cherry Says:

    Hi there,

    This is very good and beautiful site. Have a lot of picture news etc. about tvxq. We will support them always especially Yuchun. ^^

    Thank you for share.

  4. Joana Says:

    lovin ur blog…from now on i’ll try to come to ur site often to keep myself updated..haha

    if i ever get the chance to attend my hubby’s concert (don’t kill me hahaha) i’ll post my pics here


  5. faithloveyuchun Says:

    Thanks for all the support everyone!!!~ I’m so touched ^^~

  6. Soot Says:

    Maybe from now on i’ll just come here because this blog have soooo much pictures and news ^^ And also because YooChun is my everything~~!

    Please keep it up~! Love you~~~~~

  7. Y.A.C. Says:

    Ah~i love yuchun too!!
    Thank you for picture News and good project (I saw the project “FLY. Stand By Yuchun “very interesting.)^^
    I’ll come to this blog often.supporting your blog and TVXQ!

  8. sunny|wine (@he_is_theY) Says:

    hey are you from Micky International Forum, smiling prince? Any of you guys are on twitter?

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