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[TRANS] 100228 TohoshinKING Taking Over ORICON Charts!

February 28, 2010

Source: Mucis Japan Plus News+
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Oricon Weekly Ranking

Weekly Ranking


Artist: TVXQ
Maker: RZN
Release Date: 100217
Number of the sells: 412861

*According to a news in Japan, over 300,000 Break Out! are sold.
And according to Max (Avex CEO), over 600,000 Best Album are shipped out. ^^
I like the way Music Japan Plus News wrote below: TohoshinKING! buttrock.gif laugh.gif

 [News] 100228 TohoshinKING Taking Over ORICON Charts!

*Partially Taken from Music Japan Plus News.

Tohoshinki’s Best album “Best Selection 2010”, which was released on February 17th,
is initially livening up the ORICON Charts, which is Japan’s most famous music ranking.

This time, Tohoshinki has been taking over the weekly album ranking chart, dated for March 1st,
which is the first time for them to reach the top there.



[TRANS/NEWS] 100228 Yunho Plans to Leave for Vegas on March 5, 2010!

February 28, 2010

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My Daily News Korea
2010-02-28 09:18:26

Partially Translated

Yunho plans to leave from Korea to Las Vegas, USA on March 5th, 2010
to participate American performers practice to concentrate to complete
the dance and singing composition of -“A Tribute” band from Michael Jackson’s ‘THIS IS IT!’-

Particularly, a globally respected choreographer, Genevieve Cleary will lead
the performing team of “THIS IS IT!” to the high-leveled perfection.
After completing the rehearsal of the performance, Yunho will return to Korea.


[NEWS] 100227 Representative Chang: “We’ll bring Uknow Yunho, SJM and F(x) to display image”

February 28, 2010

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The Shanghai world expo is an opportunity for both Korea and China to know more about each other.

Being the representative for the Korea’s booth in the world expo, Representative Chang Joon-sang stated on the 22nd at the media conference for the world expo that, “China is now Korea’s number 1 country. In the long run, it will become a greater and more important country.”

Representative Chang also stated that the EXPO not only affect the participating countries’ strength, but the most important reason is that this event may affect the economy of the country, just like how the Olympics can held affect the country’s economy.
In this exhibition, Korea will be represented through its products, image, as well as culture.

Korea’s booth will be all about image, and they have invited DBSK’s Uknow Yunho, Super Junior M and F(x) to participate in the events.

[TRANS] 100228 “MUSIC FAIR” TOHOSHINKI SPECIAL!, Unreleased Talks!

February 28, 2010

Credits: DBxTOHO6 @ youtube

Suzuki: Good evening, I’m Anju Suzuki.
Megumi: Good evening, I’m Toshiaki Megumi.
Suzuki: This evening is the Tohoshinki 5th anniversary special, from their debut in Japan. Music Fair will broadcast all the songs Tohoshinki has sung in this program.
Megumi: Of course we will send you all of Tohoshinki’s songs, and the gem collaboration songs, too.

(Unreleased talks, starting around 0:35)
Jaejoong: I want to hear Koda-san’s type of man in Tohoshinki.
Kumi Koda: (Lol)
All: (Lol)
Suzuki: We want to hear your honest reply.
Koda: Well…everyone has a deep character. All the members are different, in their own way, the sweet and cute parts differ . Changmin is only 19 years old.
Megumi: Yes. He is handsome. In this program..
Koda: And Yoochun and Junsu, everyone is so cute.
Megumi: So you can’t make your choice?
All: (Lol)
Koda: I love all the members!
Suzuki: Oh…
Megumi: That answer is written in textbooks.
Suzuki: That’s not fair.
All: (Lol)
Koda: The answer will relate to our future works together, so…

Source: DBxTOHO6 @ youtube
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[TRANS] 100227 Michael Jackson’s Concert, Following U-know Yunho Complete Cast is Confirmed

February 28, 2010

Trans Credits: lovelyunho
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Michael Jackson’s Concert, Following U-know Yunho Complete Cast is Confirmed.

Boy group DBSK’s leader U-know Yunho has been confirmed to appear and Michael Jackson’s tribute concert’s complete cast has been settled.

On the 27th, according to Paragon Music Corporation who’s preparing for the concert said that 2010 is the beginning of the first Korean and U.S. joint project and the complete Korean concert cast has been finalized which will pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

The concert title is ‘A Tribute Band from Michael Jackson’s This Is It Movie and U-Know Live.’ The concert title has been changed in order to further highlight the tribute to Michael Jackson and the poster’s image has also been changed to show the concert’s title change.

The Korean tribute concert will include American artists Morris Pleasure (*keyboard), Ken Stacey (*vocalist), Vann Johnson (*vocalist), Tony Terry (*vocalist), Samuel Sims (*bass), Joel Campbell (*keyboard), Brian Moore (*drums), Jeff Pevar (*guitar), and Chloe Pappas (*guitar).

Other artists who will show spectacular dance performances include Miguel Reyes Santiago, Gianinni Semedo Moreira, Tymika Truss, Josue Vega-Torres, and Maki Saruwatari.

Particularly, band master Morris Pleasure was Michael Jackson’s This Is It Band keyboardist. Las July 7, 2009, he was the prominent keyboard player who participated in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert with the This Is It Band.

Talented vocalist Ken Stacey is one of the original four vocalists personally chosen by Michael Jackson (for the concert he was planning to do before he died) who participated in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert last July 7 at Staples Center. U.S. vocalists and Korea’s Uknow Yunho will perform King of Pop Michael Jackson’s numbers which received lots of love from fans around the world in the tribute concert.

For the sake of the concert in particular, U-know Yunho will leave for Las Vegas on March 5. In the U.S., he will join the concert team to practice the songs and choreography intensively. They will receive complete guidance from the world reknown Genevieve Cleary who is scheduled to work rigorously with the team on the choreography.

He (Yunho) is expected to return after rehearsing the actual performance several times. The remaining stars, Judith Hill who received lots of popularity for ‘We are the World’ and ‘Heal the World’ and best percussionist Bashiri Johnson who have performed in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert were originally planning to appear in the Korean concert but had to cancel due to personal circumstances.

For the 2 days’ performances of Michael Jackson’s tribute concert which will be held this coming March 27 and 28 at Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza, the American staff and artists will arrived at Incheon airport on March 25 and they are expected to rehearse for two days on the 25th and 26th.

[TRANS] 100227 TVXQ’s Fan Club’s Surprise Flash Mob In The Center Of MyungDong

February 28, 2010

Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] 100225 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

February 28, 2010

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
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2010-02-25 00:24:13
Celebrating Oricon Weekly Album Number 1!

Tohoshinki’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” has been honorably ranked number 1 in the Oricon weekly chart!

And, they have made a new record for foreign artists, updating the past record of Bon Jovi’s initial sales, great accomplishments!

I am really honored that as Lambsey (T/N: street live group of two members, Inoue and Yuki Yamashita) we have provided 2 songs, and 4 songs as Shinjiroh Inoue!

These kinds of wonderful groups will not appear again in a long time.
At any rate, I want them to continue their activities.
It’ is my sincere wish that they will continue.

Today, we made the set list for Lambsey’s Club CITTA live. (T/N: scheduled to be held on March 26, in Club CITTA KAWASAKI)
In this happy day, I want to do something special for Tohoshinki and their fans, who have purchased the tickets for our live performance.

Receiving an official approval from avex (T/N: Lambsey also belongs to avex), we have decided to have a self-cover corner of Tohoshinki’s songs!

Since this is Lambsey’s concert, we cannot sing all the songs we’ve provided to Tohoshinki….
Lambsey and Shinjiroh Inoue has provided these songs……..

* Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
* Bolero
* Stand by U
* Tokiwo Tomete
* With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~

We have already covered by ourselves “Doushite~”, so we will sing the song. If we are to sing two more, what songs will you like?
Please give us your requests!
(few sentences omitted)

[TRANS] 100225 Japanese Idol NEWS Changes Release Date Because of TVXQ

February 27, 2010

Source: [NewDaily+Yuaerubi]
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Johnny’s Entertainment idol group NEWS has decided to postpone the release of their new single ‘さくらガール(Sakura Girl)’, which was scheduled to be out on March 24th, by one week.

A representative of the Japanese Records Association analyzed the situation and said in an interview with ‘Saijo Woman’ that “Korea’s top idol group TVXQ is releasing a new single ‘時ヲ止メテ(Please Stop Time)’ on the same day,” And “It can be analyzed that NEWS moved their release date because they are afraid to meet TVXQ on the charts.”


[TRANS] 100224 MUSIC FAIR Tohoshinki’s Debut Anniversary Special

February 27, 2010

Source: MUSIC FAIR Website
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5th Debut Anniversary Special
Tohoshinki’s Music Collection

At 6pm JST on Saturday 2/27, MUSIC FAIR will be dedicating one full-length episode to accommodate Tohoshinki’s 5th debut anniversary in Japan.

Started in Korea with the ambition of expanding to the whole world from Asia, the name Tohoshinki means “The Rising Gods from the East”. While still being in their teens, they debuted in Korea in February 2004 as a chorus group and received tremendous supports. Despite being teenagers, with the ability to sing acapella beautifully, the 5 members are the owners of powerful voices in which all of them are the lead vocals of the group. They debuted in Japan in April 2005. After beating other artists to acquire the top spot of Oricon Single Weekly Ranking in in 2008 (for the week of 11/1/2008), their name has become well-known to the whole J-POP scene. Not only are they famous in Japan and Korea, but their name is also well-known in several Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Thai, Malaysia, etc. and they really enjoyed the success of their Asia Tours in 2006 and 2007. After that, with Japan and Korea as their base, they started to work aiming to become an artist known not only in Asia but also around the world. Their popularity has caught everyone’s attention in Japan and Korea, and they are currently working on their activities all over Asia.
On 2/17/2010, they released their first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010”.

[TRANS] 1002224 Tohoshinki Has Yet to Disappear

February 27, 2010

Source: konews + Mr.TVXQ
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Three of TVXQ’s members in Korea are still in a dispute with their company, while in Japan, they have once again proven that they are Asia’s best.

Oricon Chart news reported on the 23rd that TVXQ’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” has sold 413,000 copies, and that it took the top spot in the March Oricon Monthly Chart; this is the highest record for a foreign group. The record was previously set by Bon Jovi’s “These Days” which was released in June 1995 with 379,000 copies sold. From the 17th of February, the local sales of “BEST SELECTION 2010” came to a total of more than 200,000. From this, we can see how they took first place consecutively for days, and after a week created the record of selling more than 400,000 copies. After their debut in Japan last April 2005, this is the first time they claimed the top spot through an album, and not a single; of course, they were also the first Korean boy band to do so. Up until now, the best album chart ranking was their 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” last March.


[NEWS] 100226 Tohoshinki’s Best Selection 2010 Is The #1 Selling Album In The WORLD This Week

February 27, 2010

Credits to: SushiBoat@JPM for the heads up!
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Congratulations! biggrin.gif

[INFO] Yoochun at More TV’s Top 5 Artist You Want To Be Your Lover

February 27, 2010

credit: dnbn
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From More TV magazine this month issue.

Chunnie ranked 5th!!!! awww!
Our boys are in demand in Japanese polls. oh yeah!!!!

but of ourse, who wouldn’t want this guy to be her LOVER. hahaha!

[INFO] 100226 Ticket Reservation for Yunho’s This Is It Tribute

February 27, 2010

source: yes24
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Date: Sat, March 27th, 2010, Sun March 28th 6:00 p.m.
Venue: Yongsan War Memorial of Korea
Ticket: R seats (₩ 100,000), S seats (₩ 90,000), A seats (₩ 80,000)
Organized by: SBS
Host: ㈜ S2 Entertainment, ㈜ Paragon Music Corporation

※ Reservation Open: March 2nd, 2010 00:00 AM

– Ticket site:
– Ticket inquiries: 1544-6399

[TRANS/PIC] 100221 “Xiah is Splendid Genuine Performer!” Costume Designer’s Blog + Xiahzart Autograph

February 27, 2010

Source: Etsuko Fukushima’s Blog
Translation: Junsulv @
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2010.02.21 Sunday
Author: Etsuko Fukushima

I went to Korea to watch Park Euntea’s last day of Seoul performance on February 19.
It is difficult for even a person concerned like us to secure a seat of
this Korean musical “MOZART!” performance.
Even the third floor seat is impossible to get, it is packed day after day.

I managed to receive a first floor seats for me and my friend who accompanied me and
we were able to watch performance of Park Euntae.

I decided to enjoy the performance purely this time, so without working to check clothes,
I enjoyed the song, dance and the music fully.

To be frank, I who watched it only on the first day was surprised very much!
All of the casts performed even better than before!

Each scene was refined even more to the perfection.
The dance of the ensemble went great too,
and even the sound of the orchestra was better this time.
I was really moved to feel that they must have continued to work harder one after another.

↓Euntea after he ended a last performance at Seoul on the 19th
with the audience’s full shouts of joy. This was taken just after that.
He really shined.




February 26, 2010

Credit: tvxqbaidu +
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On sale from 2010.03.17


1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Destiny
4. 明日は来るから
5. Rising Sun
6. Begin
7. Sky
8. miss you
9. “O”-正・反・合-
10. Step by Step
11. Choosey Lover
12. Lovin’ you
13. Summer Dream
15. Forever Love
16. Together
17. Purple Line
18. Beautiful you
19. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
20. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
21. Bolero
22. Kiss The Baby Sky
23. Survivor
24. Share The World
25. Stand by U

来日记念シングルに収录の「HUG-International ver.-」のビデオクリップ収录!
・HUG (International ver.)