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[PHOTOS] 01-07-2011 Yoochun Twitter Update

July 3, 2011
Source: Yoochun’s Twitter 
Translation Credit: KoreYEAH  + JYJ3 and @jyjholic2010
Shared by: DBSKnights


한서우 형님이 우리아버지라니!!!!^^
Han Seowoo’s older brother is my father. What a surprise!!
T/N: “Han Seowoo” is a character of Park Yoohwan (Yoochun’s real life little brother) in Yoohwan’s drama..


Who took this!!!! Darong!!!!


경남 하동 얼짱 사진빨~다롱이
Photogenic uhljjang (pretty face) of Hadong, Kyeongnam~ Darong-i



[TRANS] 02-07-2011 Jaejoong and Junsu Twitter Updates

July 3, 2011

Source: @mjjeje; @0101xiahtic
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights +

Please read from bottom to top!

(Update 1) Junsu replied!
[JUNSU] Hahaha!! What is this, when did you take this?? lol


[TRANS] Junsu, good job. You cool person! (T/N:… T__T Difficult to translate. Jaejoong calls Junsu a person who is cool/dandy/awesome– for his performance in Mozart, presumably.)

Jaejoong changed his Display Picture!


[TRANS] 110618- 110619 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

June 20, 2011

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]
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It is indeed 🙂
(Jaejoong, 6:49pm KST) This bus is cool^^


Source: [Junsu’s Twitter]
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Wooo Xiahzart has begun his power trip~ 🙂
(Junsu, 10:13pm KST) I had two performances today.. Though I wasn’t in that great of a condition, I was able to gain strength from your support and end each performance safely and well! Thank you^^ Most of all, I really enjoyed the buffet that Xiah Yeonhap (T/N: Fansite for Junsu fans) provided for us in Busan, and I want to thank you so much for the snacks and tea that we received from you today~~

[TRANS] 110610 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

June 12, 2011

Source: [Junsu+Other’s Twitter]
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(Junsu, 10:36pm KST) If you want to play by yourself, you could do that..

Junsu… you’re cute too lol
(Kyung Jong, 11:02pm KST) @0101xiahtic He’s cute….ㅡㅡ
(Junsu, 11:21pm KST) @StarBell87 Kyung Jong, you’re cute too lol