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[PROJECT♥] Jaejoong First Domestic Drama Support.

July 6, 2011

Please head over to JaejoongSing to check out the project they’re helping out with!! No donation is too small! ♥


[INFO] DBSK Project “W” song

June 26, 2010

F.L.Y ‘s Note : Helping overseas fans to promote this project , Do join ^^


DBSK Project “W” song
is singing (to engrave singing the fans ) the song of JaeChunSu dedicated  to Homin (with all the fans dedicating
consists of:
1 * to engrave yourself singing the song with feeling and passion
2 * remember you can only sing in Japanese
3 * sings the whole song or part of the song (  join and cut your recording)
4 * you can include your background of banner
5 * apart from the recording, send me a picture of you, the
 which unite with that of all the fans creating a collage
6 * send me your name and country
7 * send to:
8* the files are big to send, please please upload it to MEDIAFIRE/ SENDSCAPE / YOUTUBE or any other place I’ll download it ^ ^  but PLEASE! NO MEGAUPLOAD, because it would take too much download.(send me where you posted)
Deadline: June 30
you can publish on your blogs, forums, channels, pages, wall, etc.

 Tell other fans of DBSK on this project!
~ Join us and continues to support DBSK someday fate will unite them forever ~
 for more information:
JaeChunSu words
YooChun: “The circumstances right now are hard, there were times when I had thoughts of quitting (the entertainment circle). Last October, I did not contact any of the members. Last night, I was worrying if I could see everyone’s smiling faces. (T/N: The person who wrote this entry felt that he wasn’t only talking about the fans, but also Jaejoong and Junsu.)”
JunSu: “Regarding our decision (on the lawsuit), it has made everyone worried and sad, I’m really sorry… I guess I can repay everyone only by singing right now.”
JaeJoong: “It must have been hard for everyone during these times right? However, my heart has not changed, from the start when all of us debut as TVXQ, till now. There are a lot of things I wanted to say, but I could not, however, everyone can definitely understand me.”
From the first song, all of us are carrying the same emotions

[ADV] 100 days with Kim Jae Joong

May 9, 2010

Can you imagine spending 100 days with our beloved Jaejoong?
Smiling to pictures of him for 100 consecutive days?
Do you have what it takes to have your captions make it in the book?

click on the banner to find out more! 😀

[PROJ] ☆ HOLD ON TO TVXQ ☆ Project from the ♥’s of the fans

April 13, 2010

☆ HOLD ON TO TVXQ ☆ Project from the ♥’s of the fans

This is the first of the “Hold On to TVXQ” series that shows the love and support of the fans for the group DBSK/TVXQ/THSK on their future endeavors in their lives.

You can be part of the “Hold On to TVXQ” project!


1. Specify FIVE ways how DBSK/TVXQ/THSK makes you happy (be creative and you can also add the video link of what makes you smile)
2. Post FIVE links to pictures of DBSK/TVXQ/THSK that makes you smile (group or by member)
3. Add FIVE songs that conveys your love and support for DBSK/TVXQ/THSK (any songs)

1. Make a response with you saying “Always Keep Holding On Dong Bang Shin Ki! Fighting!”; add a touch of creativity of course ^_^

Your comments/video responses will be compiled and used for the next videos for the “Hold On to TVXQ” series. Share with us why you love DBSK/TVXQ/THSK and will HOLD ON TO THEM FOREVER.

Credits: photos AS TAGGED + Holdon2TVXQ@YT

[PROJECT] Time is ticking! Jaejoong’s birthday

January 18, 2010

Time is tickin! Ti Time is tickin tickin! Time is tickin AWAY!

credits : _kuroii_ of

teaser cf credits: juilianjill of

Are you a fan of Kim Jaejoong?
Do you want to know where Jaejoong is running off to?
Then copy this (below) and e-mail to

doublejae told me JJ was running to someplace. I wanna know where Jaejoong is running off to! Please add me to the list!

with this Subject: Time is ticking! Jaejoong’s birthday

[INFO] Fan Project in Germany Emden

December 16, 2009

Credit: tvxqbaidu
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This is soooo cool !