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[PHOTOS] 01-07-2011 Yoochun Twitter Update

July 3, 2011
Source: Yoochun’s Twitter 
Translation Credit: KoreYEAH  + JYJ3 and @jyjholic2010
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한서우 형님이 우리아버지라니!!!!^^
Han Seowoo’s older brother is my father. What a surprise!!
T/N: “Han Seowoo” is a character of Park Yoohwan (Yoochun’s real life little brother) in Yoohwan’s drama..


Who took this!!!! Darong!!!!


경남 하동 얼짱 사진빨~다롱이
Photogenic uhljjang (pretty face) of Hadong, Kyeongnam~ Darong-i



[TRANS] 02-07-2011 Jaejoong and Junsu Twitter Updates

July 3, 2011

Source: @mjjeje; @0101xiahtic
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights +

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(Update 1) Junsu replied!
[JUNSU] Hahaha!! What is this, when did you take this?? lol


[TRANS] Junsu, good job. You cool person! (T/N:… T__T Difficult to translate. Jaejoong calls Junsu a person who is cool/dandy/awesome– for his performance in Mozart, presumably.)

Jaejoong changed his Display Picture!


[TRANS] 110618- 110619 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

June 20, 2011

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]
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It is indeed 🙂
(Jaejoong, 6:49pm KST) This bus is cool^^


Source: [Junsu’s Twitter]
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Wooo Xiahzart has begun his power trip~ 🙂
(Junsu, 10:13pm KST) I had two performances today.. Though I wasn’t in that great of a condition, I was able to gain strength from your support and end each performance safely and well! Thank you^^ Most of all, I really enjoyed the buffet that Xiah Yeonhap (T/N: Fansite for Junsu fans) provided for us in Busan, and I want to thank you so much for the snacks and tea that we received from you today~~

[PHOTO] 110617 Jaejoong – Kim Soo Young Twitter

June 18, 2011

Credits: shie486
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Jaejoong with his sis


[TRANS] 110610 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

June 12, 2011

Source: [Junsu+Other’s Twitter]
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(Junsu, 10:36pm KST) If you want to play by yourself, you could do that..

Junsu… you’re cute too lol
(Kyung Jong, 11:02pm KST) @0101xiahtic He’s cute….ㅡㅡ
(Junsu, 11:21pm KST) @StarBell87 Kyung Jong, you’re cute too lol

[PHOTO] 110612 Choi Him Chan Twitter Update with JaeSu

June 12, 2011

Credit: gentlechan
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Sachoom with Korea superstar JYJ!

[TRANS] 100806 Fujimoto shigeo’s Twitter Update

August 9, 2010

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 百度MAX昌珉吧食物组
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights +

Shigeo: Feeling the urge to drink… I had met with Changmin who previously promised to meet with me again! He was in high spirits! and welcomed me with smiles on his face! Max Changmin was still healthy and fit!
(fans)kanablsmax: I am really happy to hear this~ I want to see Changmin I miss Changmin, I miss him very much (;_;) I hope I can hear that beautiful vocal!!! Thanks Twitter~~
Shigeo: I heard Changmin’s high notes too!
(fans)ml3333sa: Changmin’s high notes can trigger my lacrimal glands more than anything else (;_;)
Shigeo: That’s right (^.^)
Shigeo: A Changmin who reunderstood himself!
(fans)y_kumitan: Huh?? Changmin who reunderstood himself!? Shigeo-san, you are really drunk right? and I have nothing to reunderstand myself either!! Shigeo-san also thinks like that right!? *laughs*
Shigeo: No Comment!
(fans)chaminton2718: Good evening! I am drinking, is ‘superdry’. Changmin went back to Korea, I feel so lonely…
Shigeo: Yes, Changmin went back to Korea, so lonely
(fans)chaminton2718: Haha… Let’s count the numbers to sleep. Err… one Changmin’s chest, two Changmin’s chests, three Changmin’s chests… I like Changmin very much! Haha… I can’t sleep.
Shigeo: That’s too strainful(T-T)
(fans)chaminton2718: Taking advantage of the alchohol!!! w w Is Changmin an enthusiastic person in front of Shigeo-san? Or is he a calm and steady type of person? I miss the black and pink changmin very much. His singing too! His dancing as well!
Shigeo: a mama’s boy…
(fans)i_am_ayu: Specifically please?????!
Shigeo: This, I can’t say it for the sake of Changmin’s reputation…
(fans)sakkuri45: I really really want to know… I know I can’t sleep if I knew it, but I still wanna know…..
Shigeo: ah… There’s nothing I can do X X X
(fans)chaminton2718: Changmin who acts like a mama’s kid, will not make us unhappy, haha… At this moment, just give us a bit of example, please~~~!
Shigeo: Then, please don’t be angry. If I stretched out my hand when changing the clothes, (Changmin) will pull his hand over to take my hand. It doesn’t matter right?
(fans)chaminton2718: (^^) Ah~~~~~! Hands… You guys were holding hands when changing clothes! (^O^)That’s so adorable! Can I slip inside too? w That chest… I would also like to… w w
Shigeo: Ah… unhappy as expected. Everyone, I’m sorry for that(T-T)
(fans)sakkuri45: Shigeo-san, I definitely will see Changmin right?
Shigeo: Yes!
(T/N: Fujimoto Shigeo is a staff from Avex Management)

[TRANS] 100711 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Update

July 14, 2010



I spoke to jejung yesterday, and he is doing well. Yuchun and Junsu are doing well too.
RT @TVXQ_yui: @MAZINGER_DRAGON I want to hear from Ryuu-san about what Tohoshinki said!

Source: [Chiba-san’s twitter]
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[Trans] 100529 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter’s update

May 31, 2010


Sunanare’s book doesn’t seem like its going to end. It seems like I can’t go for a while. Tentatsu (T/N I don’t know what that is) After the drama ends I’ll go.


Chiba-sama. This is Kitagawa the scriptwriter.I’ve been thankful for your Jaejoong-kun.
Thank you for the re-tweet.The movie seems to have a lot of audience and is liked. Chiba-san please watch it and tell me your opinion!

source: Eriko Twitter
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

[Trans] 100528 TOHOSHINKISTAFF Twitter – JunSu

May 29, 2010

Thank you everyone for passionately supporting JunSu (cries)
Right now everyone is in this great atmosphere of celebration.
Very ecstatic!
We’re grateful to all the fans in Asia.
We have gone through all the information provided by the video stores all over the nation, and we even saw those shops that are filled with love~

*) Fans who have provided updates on the video stores from all over Japan!

This is the Tower video store near Sapporo. Jun-chan’s CD is currently out of stock, the display shelves are empty, congratulations to our Jun-chan (^o^)v

In the midst of celebrating Xiah’s Day! Because I’ve finally gotten the CD after searching throughout the entire CD shop (laughs). You’re awesome~JunSu!

3) xiahtic524 @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
I am really anxious right now! My daughter is working at a CD shop, so I’m doing POP on her behalf at the store today, I am really happy to be able to personally make these stickers for JunSu’s celebration (≥∇≤) I really wish to know how much CDs have been sold…(laughs) (more…)

[INFO] Twitter Accounts Used In The Drama Sunanare

May 29, 2010

On Episode 5, we can see clearly Haru’s twitter username which was zoomed from Nakaji’s cellphone:

Well what do you know, tweetpeeps actually FOUND Haru’s actual twitter account:

Halu_moon (Haru)


Along with the other Sunanare-kai members’ twitter accounts:

Doctor_26 (Paku-san / Doctor)


Linda_ism (Rinda)Photobucket

NakaG4to (Nakaji)

peach_peachy (Peach)


Proof that they’re valid acccounts? screencap of the Doctor’s GPS while searching for Haru’s location:



icons all matched ^^

T/N these are the accounts used IN the drama, i doubt these are used as the casts’ personal twitter account ^^ but still, :w00t: *follows* hahaha

source: [Twitter]
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[Trans] 100527 “If You Want to Know This about Junsu!!” bayfm’s 『ANSWER』Twitter

May 29, 2010

28 May (Friday) bayfm 19:00~21:00
In the week’s <ANSWER> which Junsu will be appearing, be prepared to ask Junsu some questions, and convey them on twitter!

The website address is <ANSWER>!
Once this pops up, you have received a reply from Twitter.

The name of the recipient is @ANSWER_0528

Think carefully and consider what you’re going to ask! Think of questions the will let Jun-Jang… no, XIAH Junsu feel happy~

source: POP + candypark + BaiduTVXQ
translation: tvxqhwaiting @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100523 TOHOSHINKISTAFF Twitter Updates

May 25, 2010

Thank you everyone for those who came to the GIRLS AWARD, and thank you for all of your cheers to Junsu!! I’m totally blown away. Though it was unscheduled, he took off his jacket. His tension seemed to be uplifted by everyone’s cheers ~ please continue to support him!!

GIRLS AWARD is really picking up the stream! XIAH today is as always, at his best. Today, he is planning to go with his charistmatic image (lol), should we unify our cheering to “XIAH”!? Today’s weather is fine, we are XIAHawase (T/N: same pronunciation as shiawase=happy).

Please read from bottom to top

source: TOHOSHINKISTAFF twitter & Oricon Style & chara1019
translation: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100521 Sonny Twitter Updates

May 22, 2010


noticed follower 1000! Im just an ordinary guy,doin ordinary things… THNX yall!
11:00pm May 19

Finished rehearsing! hard work, just choregraphing~ can’t perform at the live, but the guys are dancing cool!
5:44pm May 19

rehearsal start again today☆ same place,same time, im lovin this daily routine.ww
11:13am May 19

worked our ass off in our 9hr rehearsal. 9hr rehearsal from morning. im so tired.
11:11pm May 18

Rehearsing with TOHO Dancerz☆ Toho dancers got together after a long time. hang out!
2:56pm May 18

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source: Sonny_PRIMETIME
translation:: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100521 TOHOSHINKISTAFF Twitter Updates

May 22, 2010


For yesterday’s Sunanare, Jaejoong has watched only the preview, since he was shooting during the broadcast time. We will have him watch the whole episode, and afterwards, show him all of your comments~!
Master XIAH is totally devoting himself for the preparation of the event. He is very serious during the rehearsals, all or nothing. Please support him, too!!

Translation:: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }</span>
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